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5 Migraine Facts You Wish You Knew Before Having an Episode

Countless patients come to upper cervical chiropractors in Edmonton, AB for migraine relief. But, unfortunately, most of them know very little about their condition. Because of that, they experience worse attacks and don’t know how to manage their symptoms. Learn how to avoid getting stuck in this situation by knowing five essential facts about migraine attacks. 

1. There exist four distinct phases of migraines. 

Migraine attacks often progress in four phases: prodrome, aura, headache, and postdrome. Notably, some patients experience all four stages, while others only notice two to three. Studies note that knowing about these distinct phases of migraines can help you improve how you cope with the symptoms. Here’s a quick look at them: 

The Prodrome Phase

It can occur two before an attack. It affects about 60 percent of migraineurs and triggers sudden food cravings, mood swings, sensory sensitivity, neck pain, and upset stomach. 

The Aura Phase

Not everyone experiences the aura phase. However, it causes several debilitating problems ranging from visual to sensory disturbances. Some specific examples of the symptoms of the aura phase include blurry vision, pins and needles sensation, and auditory hallucinations. 

The Headache Phase

The pain or headache phase is the most widely known phase of a migraine attack. It causes mild to intense throbbing on one side of the head, stiff neck, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, and irritability. The symptoms also seem to worsen with increased physical exertion. 

The Postdrome Phase

The postdrome phase or hangover phase can occur 24 hours after the headache phase. It can lead to fatigue, lethargy, mood changes, anxiety, depression, muscle weakness, and even digestive problems. This specific migraine phase can sometimes stretch 3 to 5 days and cause massive discomfort to affected individuals. 

2. Managing triggers can prevent migraine episodes.

Several case studies have found that most migraine attacks can get worse because of specific triggers. That’s why, patients of upper cervical chiropractors in Edmonton, AB often remind patients to stop:  

  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Stress (physical, psychological, emotional, etc.)
  • Dehydration
  • Hunger
  • Lack of sleep
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Bright lights
  • Weather fluctuations
  • Temperature changes
  • Excessive NSAIDs intake
  • Abnormal caffeine consumption

We suggest taking note of any specific migraine triggers that you have so you can modify your activities, lessen exposure, and improve your migraine episodes.  

3. Some food products can set off a debilitating migraine attack.

Several case studies have discovered that certain food products can set off a migraine attack. That’s why, doctors, cervical chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals strongly advise against consuming such products. Here’s a list of items that you might want to avoid the next time you hit the groceries: 

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee 
  • Food products with high amounts of sodium
  • Aged cheeses (gouda, cheddar, parmigiano regiano, parmesan, etc.)
  • Preserved or fermented goods (kombucha, pickles, kimchi, etc.)
  • Deli meats (bacon, pepperoni, ham, guanciale, etc.)
  • Salty food 
  • Artificial sweeteners like aspartame
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

Instead of these food items, you can switch to migraine-friendly products like tuna, avocado, and dark leafy veggies. Additionally, we suggest addressing vitamin D, magnesium, and B complex deficiencies by taking food supplements. 

4. Anybody can suffer from it.

Migraines exempt no one. This means it can affect all age groups, including children and seniors. It can also afflict expecting mothers and women with hormonal imbalances. Notably, it also causes severe impacts on working professionals, school kids, athletes, and other individuals. To give you a better overview of how it affects people in the USA, here are some facts and figures from the American Migraine Foundation:

  • It affects 1 out of 7 individuals in the world
  • 37 million people in the country experience mild to severe migraines
  • 1 out of 4 homes in the US have family members who suffer from migraine attacks
  • Kids whose parents have migraines have a 75 percent chance of experiencing the same health complaint
  • About 20 million dollars goes to migraine treatment and migraine-related economic impacts
  • Studies recognize migraine as one of the top 10 most crippling conditions worldwide

5. Upper cervical chiropractors in Edmonton, AB  can provide migraine relief.

Indeed, migraine attacks can be quite debilitating. It can affect almost every aspect of life if you fail to take control of the symptoms and find a sustainable option for relief. If you have tried some of the popular remedies for migraine attacks but failed to see improvements, then you can try exploring upper cervical care. 

Essentially, upper cervical chiropractors in Edmonton, AB provide gentle neck adjustments to address health problems that contribute to the onset of migraines, such as: 

  • Signal transmission disruptions in the nervous system
  • Neurovascular compression
  • Brainstem irritation
  • Poor CSF and blood circulation in the head

The NUCCA method of Upper Cervical Chiropractic helps address postural imbalances that can affect several physiological functions, such as maintaining equilibrium and keeping the head upright. 

This chiropractic technique applies to every age group. It’s also safe and pain-free so you can tap into it even if you have a history of head or neck trauma. So, if you want to explore a different level of healing, we suggest giving upper cervical care a try.

Learn more about how you can manage migraine attacks with soft and precise C1 and C2 bone adjustments by connecting with us. You may visit us at Patricia Heights Shopping Centre, 7654 – 156 Street Edmonton, AB T5R 4K7, or call (780) 462-0447 to book your appointment with one of our upper cervical chiropractors in Edmonton, AB.


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